Monday June 17th, 2024

About Us

We are fans; fans of great deals, fans of not paying retail and fans of deal sites. That�s why we started DealsOnTheWeb (now DealBrothers) over 10-years ago - we figured we could share our love of great deals and create a business along the way. And it worked. We created happy readers, jobs for a number of people over the years and ultimately we saved money for hundreds of thousands of people - including ourselves.

But then, we stopped. We stopped using our own site, stopped coming here to quickly find the best deal on a product. Why? Well, looking back on things now, we realize that we didn�t find it that useful to scan through a bunch of random deals posted each day. The web changed, search changed and the way we found deals changed. Over time, our readers realized this as well and they lost interest, just like we did.

A few years ago, we changed the site name to DealBrothers, to reflect a collaboration between ourselves. And while we come from different backgrounds, Dave Hamilton with The Mac Observer and the Mac Geek Podcast for providing news, tips and problem solving information for Apple users and Shannon Jean with first MacResQ and then TechRestore that solve problems and provide repairs for Apple hardware users, we knew we enjoyed working together just as much as we enjoyed solving problems for people.

And while we tossed around ideas for a new site and business model. We kept coming back to the fact that we are both addicted to NOT paying retail for anything, to seeking out the best angle to get a deal on a product, service, flight, hotel room - you name it. We are always looking for ways to �Beat the System�. With those three founding principles: Collaboration, Problem Solving and Not Paying Retail, we decided to tear DealBrothers down to the ground and start over with something new.

The new DealBrothers focuses on just a few of the best deals, no more than three at a time, where we can not only share the deal, but perhaps more importantly, share the way we *found* the deal. We are creating the site that we want to visit each day. It�s quick to read and digest the content and it�s the kind of information that busy-yet-deal-hungry people like us want to know about.

Now we need your help. Since one of our founding principals is collaboration, we want to collaborate with YOU. As we share deals and info about finding them, we want you to share your deals with all of us - tell us about deals you already know about, deals you just found, tips and tricks that save you money, time and headaches. Help shape DealBrothers, become an honorary �Brother� and help take on the retail prices of this crazy world.

Help us Beat the System!

Dave and Shannon
Your DealBrothers

TL;DR: We don't like paying retail. Stick around to save money.