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Don’t miss the deals from Amazon Marketplace sellers
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Don’t miss the deals from Amazon Marketplace sellers

We've found some of the best deals on products at Amazon - but not particularly SOLD by Amazon themselves. Clicking into the small links below the product title, you'll jump into the Marketplace, where Amazon competes with other sellers to offer not just new, but used and refurbished products. If you are looking for a deal on an older iPad 2 or just about anything else, the Marketplace is a great resource and can often rival eBay for low priced deals.

Amazon is pretty strict about performance of their Marketplace sellers (we know from personal experience), so you'll usually find good customer service by sellers in this area. It's not quite as freewheeling as eBay and one thing we love is that there's just ONE product page per product, rather than having to scroll through hundreds of listings on eBay for the same product. eBay has done a great job streamlining their site, but an overabundance of listings can still be daunting to scroll through. We've linked to iPad 2 models on this deal, but just about every product sold on Amazon has other companies (and individuals) offering deals in the Marketplace. Scroll around, read the seller reviews and have fun saving some cash.


Deal Posted: 11/12/2012 01:11 PM