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Three Things Are Important … Stay tuned!
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The deal market has changed a lot since we started this site (as Deals On The Web) in 2002. You’re more savvy, merchants are more savvy, and the service you need from us is not the same as what you needed ten years ago. The more we thought about this, the more we realized that when it comes to a deal site, three things are very important.

Right now now we’re hard at work on the back-end, retooling Deal Brothers for you. We’ll be back shortly to share more with you about those three things. We think you’ll like what you’ll see. In the meantime, our ten-year archive of deals is online for your perusal.

Thanks very much for visiting… and check back soon.

Your Deal Brothers,
Shannon & Dave

Deal Posted: 06/02/2012 12:06 PM
Three Things Are Important … Stay tuned!