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Deal Brothers 2012… We’re Back!
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Deal Brothers 2012… We’re Back!

Welcome to Deal Brothers, 2012 edition. Things are different around here, and at the same time things are the same. It's still us, Shannon and Dave, behind the wheel of all of this, and so you've still got our obsession with finding the right deals and with teaching YOU how to find the best deals. But the market has changed quite a bit since we launched this (as Deals On The Web) in 2002. You're more savvy, merchants are more savvy, and the service you need from us is … well, different now than it was then!

With that, we've retooled not only the look of the site (and we hope you like it!) but also the way we're going to be doing things. Instead of us just blasting 20 deals up here each day, we're going to be very selective. We're going to post the stuff that's not easy to find, or stuff that takes work to put together. In addition to those types of traditional deals, we're also going to be providing some education, too. We enjoy learning about new places to *find* deals, and we're going to be teaching you about those, as well.

We'll only be highlighting three items at a time on the home page, but if you want to see what you've missed, you can click the "View Recent Deals" link above and browse through the archives. All the old stuff is there, too, if you're interested in that.

And that's enough for now. Thanks for visiting, and we hope you like what we're bringing you!

Your Deal Brothers, Shannon & Dave

Deal Posted: 11/08/2012 10:11 AM