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Zombie 3 Day Survival / Disaster Preparedness Kit: $35 bucks (Updated)
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Zombie 3 Day Survival / Disaster Preparedness Kit: $35 bucks (Updated)

Prepare now with the Zombie Defense Solutions: 3-Day Survival Kit. The kit includes food, water, light, warmth, tools and a basic first aid kit- all the essential items needed to survive for 3 days. When the Zombie Apocalypse comes or the next big disaster hits, feel safe knowing that you have the essential items to survive!

The kit includes:

(1) 3600 calorie Energy Bar--Provides 3 days worth of food. Energy bar is scored into nine-400 calorie portions. Storage life of 5-7 years.
(6) long lasting, triple layered retort pouches that hold 4.227 fl. oz (125 ml.) of water. Stores for a minimum of 5 years.
(1) box of waterproof matches and (3) 6" lightsticks with lanyard hole and hook. Creates instant lighting lasting 12 hours each.
(1) waterproof, reflective surface Mylar emergency blanket provides for high visibility. Space age design retains up to 90% of body heat. Reflects sun and heat for cooling in hot climates. Compact, yet opens to 84" X 52".
(1) basic first aid kit--a small assortment of fresh, sterile products including (7) adhesive bandages, (2) gauze pads, (2) alcohol prep pads, (2) wet naps, (1) triple antibiotic ointment.
(1) emergency hammer--shatters glass and has a built-in seat belt cutting tool.(1) survival bracelet and emergency whistle -made of nylon cord that can be unwound to 10 feet in survival situations.(1) Instruction sheet with information on how to shut off water, gas, &electricity in an emergency.

UPDATE: this deal has sold out on eBay, but you can get it on Amazon for the same price. Hurry people, hurry.

Deal Posted: 12/06/2012 01:12 PM